For Gals

Clean Lubricants If you’ve had a bad experience with personal lubricants in the past, you may be hesitant to try yet another product. Women can be especially sensitive to additives and chemicals that alter their pH, contribute to bacterial imbalances or feed naturally occurring yeast. However, if you stay away from common additives like glycerin, … Read moreFor Gals

For Guys

The P-Spot Water-based lubes are ideal for men who want to experiment with a prostate stimulator, butt plug or dildo since they’re compatible with all materials. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to straight men and anal play. If you need an excuse to request a prostate massage, research suggests … Read moreFor Guys

Oil Based Anal Lube

Open Wide / Anal Fisting The feeling of your muscles clenching around a flexed fist is unlike anything else, according to veteran fistees. It isn’t for everyone, but you might want to keep an open mind. Members of the fisting community have strong opinions about orgasms and even stronger feelings about lubes. The best anal … Read moreOil Based Anal Lube