Numbing Anal Lube

First Time Anal

For many anal enthusiasts, their anal sex for the first time is nothing more than a sweet memory. If you’ve yet to discover the pleasure of this carnal delight, the right lube can make a world of difference.

Losing your anal virginity is a fun, uniquely exciting moment.

The only catch is preparation.

Experiment with smaller toys before trying a penis or dildo. When you’re ready to go all the way, make sure that you’re warmed up and fully aroused.

To avoid discomfort that could affect your future anal endeavors, start with a numbing anal lube.

Most numbing anal lubricants contain 3 to 5% lidocaine or benzocaine. This topical numbing agent can minimize discomfort and help you relax.


For best results, apply the product 10 minutes before penetration to give it a chance to work. The best numbing lubes are water based, but you can use a silicone product in addition.


A numbing cream can boost your confidence and help you prepare physically and mentally.


Some numbing lubes contain lower quality ingredients. Watch out for additives and preservatives, especially if you’re sensitive.

You Should Know

Numbing lubes are not for those who want to feel extra friction. If you’re ready to go all the way, have your partner wear a condom to avoid unwanted numbness unless premature ejaculation is a concern.