Olive Oil

Medical-Grade Olive Oil

The world’s oldest anal lubricant is right at home in the modern bedroom.

Historic records show that the ancient Greeks and Romans used olive oil as a personal lubricant as early as 350 B.C.!

Coincidentally, leather dildos were invented around the same time. While this Mediterranean staple doesn’t have contraceptive properties as Aristotle believed, its moisturizing properties make it an excellent lubricant for anal, especially if you’re concerned about what you’re putting in your body and whether the ingredients are ethically produced.

Unlike synthetic lubes, plant-based oils are cruelty free. There’s no animal testing, and last but not least, they taste pretty good.


Olive oil isn’t compatible with latex, so it’s only a good option if you have polyurethane condoms or are able to go bareback comfortably and safely.


Olive oil is a safe and effective lubricant that’s been used for thousands of years.


Research shows that oil based lubes may clog pores and contribute to yeast infections, so it’s important to wash thoroughly.

You Should Know

Food-grade salad oil may contain microbes, so you should only use products that have been sterilized, filtered and approved for internal use.