Water-Based Anal Lube

The Anal Trainee

The real fun starts once you become more comfortable with your anal skills.

After you overcome the initial trepidation, it’s easier to experiment and discover your preferences.

Testing new anal positions and trying different toys can keep your private moments fresh and exciting. Lubes can also provide new sensations that open you up to deeper pleasure.

Partners of either sex can enjoy butt plugs, anal beads/balls and training systems featuring graduated dildos. Additive-free water-based lubes make it easy to welcome these guests inside your body, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your favorite toys. With water-based lubes, you have many options.


Many lubricants perform best when applied on but not in the body. Apply a generous amount to the anus, and massage the lube onto a toy or your partner’s penis.
You can also use your fingers to work the lube around the sphincter.


Water-based lubes are affordable, readily available and work with all types of toys and condoms, so there are no compatibility concerns.


Due to evaporation and absorption, you may need to rehydrate or reapply water-based anal lubes.

You Should Know

The quality of water-based lubes varies widely. Before buying any lube, check the ingredients.