Oil Based Anal Lube

Open Wide / Anal Fisting

The feeling of your muscles clenching around a flexed fist is unlike anything else, according to veteran fistees.

It isn’t for everyone, but you might want to keep an open mind. Members of the fisting community have strong opinions about orgasms and even stronger feelings about lubes.

The best anal lubes for fisting typically have an oil base, since they provide long-lasting lubrication and deep moisture for maximum stretch. These lubricants work best with unpowdered nitrile or polyurethane gloves rather than latex.

Anal fisting isn’t something that you should attempt as a beginner, but you can work up to it gradually.

If you have big anal dreams, start with a 1-inch butt plug and increase the size until you are able to comfortably accept a 3-inch butt plug, which is the diameter of a soda can.


Anal fisting requires a generous amount of lube. This is one of the messier bedroom activities, so you may need a towel to protect your sheets… or have a dark sheets.


You can choose from a variety of natural oils and plant-based butters formulated especially for anal.


Oil is messy, and it’s not compatible with latex or similar materials.

You Should Know

Fisting is suitable for experienced practitioners. It should only be attempted when you’re completely comfortable and fully aroused.