Nasstoys Anal Ese Anal Lubricant

Anal ese strawberry
Anal Ese Strawberry

Nasstoys Anal Ese Review

Nasstoys Anal Ese is an original, strawberry-scented, and flavored, desensitizing lubricant for anal play enthusiasts that want to try something new.

It has a higher content of a numbing agent called Benzocaine so that you can play without any discomfort for the receiving partner.


Smells like strawberries, numbs your sensitive tissues really well so that you can play longer and with ease. Due to its numbing strength, a little really goes a long way, so it is also economical. Small, travel-friendly tube that lets you try it out without committing to a large container.


This is a strong lubricant! The numbing effect works rather fast and may desensitize your tongue and penis. Wear a condom when using this product, unless you plan to last longer, which is also an option.

How to

Just apply a small amount to the backdoor entrance to desensitize the area, wait a few minutes, and you are ready to go. You can also use other lubricants on top of it if you wish after the numbing has started.


This desensitizing lubricant has been on the market for a long time, and with a good reason.

It has a delightful strawberry scent and numbs you enough to enjoy anal sex without pain or friction. Anal Ese is compatible with other lubes, and you only need a small quantity to pleasantly numb you enough to relax and enjoy.