CleanStream Relax Desensitizing Lubricant

CleanStream Relax Anal Lube
Relax desensitizing anal Lubricant

Backdoor play the easy way!


Anal play should never be uncomfortable. Using a lubricant is a must, but not any lube is enough to ease the discomfort, especially for those new to anal sex.

CleanStream Relax Anal Desensitizing Lubricant helps you and your partner achieve maximum pleasure with ease.

It has a silky, gliding, anti-friction texture, and the subtle numbing sensation takes effect quickly and helps you relax, making things comfortable and pleasurable.


The small travel size pack is great for overnight trips and bedside tables, and it’s easily concealable.

Since Relax anal lube is water-based, it is also safe to use with condoms and every toy you might have, and the best part? It is not sticky and won’t stain your sheets.


If your partner wants to last a while longer, this lube might actually help, but otherwise, the numbing effect might get on his member, and not everyone likes the desensitizing effect.

You might need to use a condom.

How to

If you are not familiar with backdoor sex or if it’s been a while for you, try putting some CleanStream Anal lube on the tip of your finger or a toy.

Gently insert just inside the anus, then wait a few minutes, letting the numbing Lidocaine do its job – you are now ready to play!

Remember to go slowly and enjoy the experience.


Using Relax lube with Lidocaine (2% in this case) can be a game-changer for anyone hesitating to try anal. Great product.

Relax Anal Lubricant
Relax Anal Lubricant